The late Ilan Zack, from a flyer distributed during the search.
The late Ilan Zack, from a flyer distributed during the search.Israel Dog Unit Public Relations

The body of 48-year-old Ilan Zack, reported missing on Nov. 5, was positively identified last week after being found near Tsvi Propes Street in Tel Aviv. According to his family, the identification came too close to Shabbat to allow him to be buried on Friday, obliging them to postpone the funeral.

According to the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in search and rescue that coordinated the efforts to find Zack, the search for him involved an exceptional amount of manpower, the use of working dogs and drones, and careful examination of security camera footage from buildings throughout Tel Aviv.

An IDU statement noted that "analysis of security cameras was delayed by lack of cooperation."

A statement issued by Zack's family and friends noted that they were informed on Nov. 11 that a body had been found in a state of advanced decay in the Tel Aviv area. The family claims that they were asked for, and provided, Ilan's personal effects for purposes of DNA identification on the same day.

The family stated that after an initial attempt to match DNA failed, there was a need to find a member of the family closer to Ilan to attempt a more exact match. The resulting delay led to his sister needing to return to France without being able to bury Ilan, and the need to request Interpol assistance to reach his daughter, currently residing in Canada.

The body's identity was confirmed on Dec. 2. Ilan was laid to rest in the Yarkon Cemetery on Dec. 4.

The family requested not to be contacted by media.