Missing persons poster for Moishe Kleinerman
Missing persons poster for Moishe Kleinermanדוברות יכ"ל

Giti Kleinerman, the mother of missing teenager Moishe Kleinerman, called on anyone who has information related to his disappearance to come forward and share this information with the family and the police. 250 days after her son went missing.

"Despite the efforts and searches of the Israel Police, the IDF's missing persons unit, the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Drone Unit and other professional agencies, not a single clue has been found that would shed light on the cause of our Moishe's disappearance," she said.

"It's hard to get through week after week without our dear Moishe," said the mother, "I know that there is some line of investigation related to a person who probably harmed haredi children and boys, but the haredi public is unwilling to file complaints with the police or speak about it. I myself have met those who have been harmed in Jerusalem and I called on the rabbis and the parents of the children and boys who were affected to make their voices heard and go to the police to complain. I am ready to go to the police together with the victims. Please help us bring Moishe home. How much longer will this go one?"

"At the same time, we are grateful and continue to be moved by all the support, prayers and love that the Jewish people in Israel and the world continue to shower on us. There is nothing like our amazing people. Moishe became everyone's child and the time has come for us to solve this mystery."

The police have decided not to extend the gag order that had been imposed on the investigation for the past six months. The Kikar Hashabbat website reported that the Shabak became involved in the investigation due to a suspicion that Moishe Kleinerman may have been kidnapped for nationalist reasons. This suspicion was eventually ruled out.

Authorities also suspected that Moishe was smuggled out of the country and have been in contact with police departments around the world, ruling out that possibility as well.