Rabbi Moshe Asman, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, describes to Israel National News that the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is continuing to deteriorate, and that Iran is providing drones to Russia to test their capabilities so they can eventually use them against Israel.

“I saw with my own eyes what happened there and the mass killing and the tens of thousands of Jewish refugees that were taken out from Ukraine. The war is continuing,” Rabbi Asman says. “The Russian army is trying to destroy all the infrastructure, the electricity, water and heating systems. About 50 percent of the infrastructure was just destroyed. The Ukrainian officials are trying to repair it but every week they bomb the same places. That’s why it’s a humanitarian catastrophe, now with winter beginning.”

He mentions that he came from Kyiv two days ago and it was one to two degrees below freezing and the temperature is expected to drop further.

With worse days still ahead as winter arrives, he stresses that the issue of refugees is more important than ever.

In terms of the official response from the State of Israel towards Ukraine and towards Russia – including Israeli only providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and not weapons – he explains that at the start of the war when he was interviewed in Ukraine, Israel or America, he said that he understood Israel’s position because the country has a special and complicated situation with Russia and its links to Syria and Iran.

“But now in my mind the rules have changed. Iran has become an official partner for Russia. They send thousands of drones to kill Ukrainian people. It’s not only drones to Ukraine. They prepare these drones to attack Israel, they upgrade them, they see how they’re working.”

According to Rabbi Asman, he has heard that Russia is paying back Iran by giving them nuclear technology and sending Russian specialists in the field to Iran.

“It’s very dangerous,” he says.

Because Iran is now involved, he strongly feels that Israel has to do much more for Ukraine.

“Israel has to [stay] with the rest of the free world, with their partners, with the United States, with Europe. All the countries are for Ukraine now. Only Syria, Iran and North Korea [are against Ukraine],” he says.

He explains that he believes officials in Israel have begun to change their minds about the situation and he hopes they will help Ukraine with defensive weapons, such as Iron Dome technology to save civilians.

Rabbi Asman also comments that the current political developments in Israel shows that Israel has to remain strong in the face of terror attacks and to do the utmost to protect the Jewish State.

“The safety situation is not good in Israel. There are many terrorist attacks and and the people do not feel protected,” he says. “I am in solidarity with this government. They will give the soldiers that defend all the people here [their backing],” he says.