Mossad chief David Barnea
Mossad chief David Barnea Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Israel will provide greater security to its security officials who are abroad, especially former senior Mossad officials.

Kan News reported that the move is being made in response to an increased threat from Iran.

The Prime Minster's Office did not respond to inquiries about the report.

It was revealed this week that Israel had passed intelligence information to the British intelligence agencies in order to thwart an Iranian attack on London soil. Iranian or Iranian-born journalists stationed in Britain received warnings last week that their lives were in danger.

The Iran International channel reported in an official statement that two of its journalists received a notification of the danger they faced from the local authorities. The people who passed on the information that led to the thwarting of the attack were the Israeli intelligence agencies.

The British MI5 organization announced last week that Iran had attempted to assassinate British citizens no less than ten times in the past year.