On Thursday, during the memorial for the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was murdered 32 years ago, right-wing activist Baruch Marzel recalled the events surrounding Rabbi Kahane’s death.

“He was the first person murdered by Al-Qaeda. It was done in America because it wasn't investigated well by the FBI – we all know for what reasons,” Marzel, who was a student of the late Rabbi Kahane, tells Israel National News. “The same people that did it, they’re the ones that are [behind the] bombing of the Twin Towers [on 9/11]. Thousands of Americans paid with their lives for not investigating the murder.”

In terms of today’s politics, he explains that while many in Israel define Otzma Yehudit as the party continuing the ways of Rabbi Kahane, according to him the party is going in a different direction.

“Otzma Yehudit is ours, we started Otzma Yehudi. Itamar Ben-Gvir decided to become a minister, to become an important person, and for that he told me in person that he's not continuing the way,” he explains. “He’s changed, he's different, and we never change. We want to stay where I was more than 50 years ago, to be there, to stay there, because there's a lot of people [suggesting] solutions to the terrorist problems, the problems with our enemies, but we want to finish the problem, not to deal with the symptoms. We want to finish what causes the problem, and the problem is a religious war that we have with the Muslims. I'm not saying a hundred percent of them but most of them support that all of the Land of Israel belongs to them, and they want us out of here. Every day that the State of Israel exists is a disgrace to Islam, that's why they're fighting us. They'll continue to fight us.”

Speaking about the murder of Ronen Hanania, who was killed in a terrorist attack in Kiryat Arba, he says:

“We don't have a problem only with that terrorist. We have a problem with thousands of Arabs who went out chanting that night, who made firecrackers, gave out candy, and were happy for the murder of Jews in Hebron. We have a problem not only with the people that the mayor of Hebron, that's a murderer that killed six Jews, he was elected already three times to be the mayor of Hebron, everyone that supports him because he killed Jews. He is my enemy the same way.”

When asked what the practical solution to the issue is, he responds that “we want to transfer them out of Israel.”

“How do we do it? We have to help these people not to be here, because if they're here, it's us or them. They want us out of here. It's against their religion that the State of Israel exists. It's against their beliefs and they're going to fight us. I’m not talking about a hundred percent of the Arabs. There are some Arabs that could stay. But most of them support Balad, support the Islamic movements, support Ahmad Tibi. They are enemies.”

With tonight being the memorial for Rabbi Kahane, Marzel says that he is not giving up the fight, even after 50 years of activism. He also fondly recalls his time as a student of the late rabbi.

“Inside he was soft and bashful and the nicest person in the world. Also when he went out to fight he was strong like a rock. He was a very big Torah scholar, he had a lot of knowledge and he had a lot of love for the people of Israel,” he says. “We learned from Rabbi Kahane to love Jews. You love your kids, when you love someone even if they don't go exactly your way, you continue to love them, and that's why we're continuing.”