Motti צילום: באדיבות המשפחה

Six-year-old Motti was born with a condition called artesia microtia: he has only one ear. As a result of that, he struggles to hear well. As every parent knows, hearing is crucial for learning as well as for the development of the child’s linguistic and social skills. Motti, a bright and happy kid, faces many challenges every day because of his compromised hearing.

Fortunately, there is a treatment for Motty’s problem: a surgery which will give him both a functional ear canal, thus enabling him to hear well, and an external ear, so that he looks like every other child he knows.

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There is only one catch: the cost. “We have 12 children”, Motty’s mother explains. “We have enough, Boruch Hashem, but we have no idea how to raise the $100,000 to pay for the operation in the US and its associated costs.”

In a video clip the family released, we see pictures of Motty: playing, smiling. A child with all the potential in the world... if we could only hear normally. His family will do everything for that to happen, but they simply cannot cover the costs on their own. And so, they are appealing to the kind hearts of Jews all over the world. Wouldn’t we all make every effort to give our children an equal chance? Wouldn’t we try every solution so that they have the things we mostly take for granted, such as a functional sense of hearing?

Motti is only six. A successful surgery will change his future for the better. Will you please help him?