Following an investigation regarding the shooting attack in Hebron, the terrorist that carried out the attack was neutralized by a civilian security coordinator and an IDF officer, Second Lieutenant B’. The officer, who was on leave in his home, arrived to the scene of the attack after hearing shots fired in the area.

Second Lieutenant B’ described the attack: "I was sitting in my house when suddenly I heard gunshots outside. I ran outside to the nearest security barrier while cocking my gun and I met up with the Hebron security officer. I joined him and we drove together in the direction of the event."

"A terrorist there began to shoot live fire at us. I realized right away that he was shooting at us and took off to the right for cover. The security officer was injured. I responded with fire, and I saw that the security officer was injured while the terrorist continued to shoot at him. I ran to save him while at the same time continuing to shoot suppressive fire in the terrorist's direction. The civilian security coordinator arrived and struck the terrorist with his car," B' said.