Yossi Dagan at the incident near Shechem
Yossi Dagan at the incident near ShechemPhoto: Roi Hedi

Samaria Brigade Commander, Colonel Shimon Siso, spoke at the end of Yom Kippur with Samaria Regional Council Head, Yossi Dagan, and informed him of the details of the capture of the terrorist and the battle that took place there.

Dagan thanked Sisi and asked to convey the Samaria residents’ appreciation to the soldiers of the IDF, the Shin Bet and the entire security system, "The entire nation of Israel strengthens the soldiers of the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the entire security forces for this precise operation.”

“At the same time, we should tell this government, which is losing its deterrence and is currently refraining from a large-scale military operation against the wave of terrorism that the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority are acting fearlessly with the aim of murdering Israelis in broad daylight."

"The Israeli government is losing deterrence. This is already clear to everyone. The Palestinian Authority is funding, instigating, and dispatching these attacks. If the government does not instruct the security forces to launch Operation 'Guardian of the Walls 2’ - to return the checkpoints, collect the weapons, and take proactive action against the senior officials of the Palestinian Authority who dispatch the terrorists - the wave of terrorism will increase and may overwhelm the State of Israel.

The government must come to its senses and change the way it functions. The government is abandoning the security of the residents of Samaria and the entire country."

Today (Wednesday), the Palestinian Authority said that the IDF surrounded the house of a wanted member of the ‘Lions’ Den’ organization in the village of Deir al-Hatab, east of Nablus (Shechem).

The wanted man, Salman Imran, is considered one of the senior leaders of the ‘Lions' Den’ organization. Security sources said that he was involved in disturbances and shooting attacks against soldiers.

He recorded himself while he was undercover saying that he "wishes to be a martyr," but in the end, turned himself into the army forces. According to the Ministry of Health, six Palestinians were injured in the clashes that broke out.

In the audio message he recorded, he said, while criticizing the Palestinian Authority: "We are trapped between two occupations, the occupation of Israel and the occupation of the security forces. I demand that all citizens come and fight against the occupation army together with us."

After he said that he wished to be a martyr, his mother entered his house to convince him to turn himself in - and then he did. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, two of the injured are journalists.