The terrorist's weapon
The terrorist's weaponIDF Spokesman

Over the past few hours, IDF and ISA forces conducted counterterrorism activity in order to apprehend a wanted individual suspected of involvement in terrorist activity in the town of Deir al-Hatab.

The suspect, Salman Amran, is 35 years old from the town of Deir al-Hatab. He is a Hamas terrorist organization operative and was previously imprisoned for being a part of a Hamas military network which planned attacks.

Following precise ISA intelligence, IDF soldiers surrounded the residence of the suspect. The suspect shot at the soldiers while barricaded inside the residential building.

The soldiers responded with live fire toward the residence and used a variety of means, including fragmentation grenades and a bulldozer. As a result of the shooting of the suspect toward IDF soldiers, the brother of the suspect was injured while he was outside the residence.

In addition, shots were fired toward the soldiers from a number of sources. The soldiers responded with live fire toward the sources of the shooting. Hits on a number of armed Palestinians were identified and one assailant was killed as a result of the shooting.

Following the exchange of fire, the suspect turned himself in to the IDF soldiers in the area. The suspect and the M16 rifle he used were transferred to the ISA for further processing.

"We are aware of reports regarding two media workers who were in the area of the activity and got injured, the cause of the injury is unknown." the IDF announced, "We emphasize that the presence of uninvolved civilians in combat areas poses a life-threat."