Jerusalem Flag Parade
Jerusalem Flag Parade Image: Israel National News-Arutz 7

A survey conducted by the Smith Institute revealed that 67% of the adult Jewish population in Israel prefer that the State of Israel be run as a Jewish state, compared to only 27% who believe that the state should be run as a "state for all its citizens" an expression meaning there should be no national aspirations for the Jews as a people in the country.

The survey was commissioned by 'Chotam,' an organization that promotes maintenance of the collective Jewish identity of the Israeli population. In the survey, the respondents were classified according to their votes in the last elections in March 2021.

Among National Unity voters, 90% of the respondents believe that the state should be a Jewish state. The National Unity list is made up of the Blue and White party and New Hope. Among Blue and white voters, a majority of 51% want Israel as a Jewish state compared to 39% who want Israel as a state for all its citizens. Among New Hope voters, 79% want a Jewish state compared to only 21% who want a state for all its citizens. Among right-wing voters in general, over 75% answered that they want a Jewish state.

Segmented by age, the survey shows that a large majority of young people in Israel, between the ages of 18 and 34 -- 71% -- believe that the country should be a Jewish state.

Chotam CEO Amital Bareli said in response to the survey findings: "The survey clearly proves that an absolute majority of the public in Israel wants a Jewish state, supports a Jewish identity, and cannot accept the concept of a 'state of all its citizens' promoted by the extreme left, with their attempts to hurt the Jewish character of the country. Dealing with the issue today is much more complex than in the past. It comprises a cultural struggle concerning our self-definition. This is what the public in Israel is going to vote on in the upcoming elections."

"Unfortunately, foreign money has flooded Israel via many organizations which try to create the impression that the public in Israel does not want a Jewish state, organizations that operate in a variety of arenas to obscure and harm the State of Israel and its Jewish identity. They take issue after issue intending to cause everything to disintegrate the state and change Israel, The public must stand up to this and give a clear win at the ballot box. The survey proves that the public is not confused, and this year, with the help of God, the people of Israel will win," added Barali.