Arab rioters clashed with right-wing protesters at the entrance to Samuel’s Tomb, a holy site just outside of northern Jerusalem, Friday afternoon.

Tensions rose after an Arab man approached the right-wing demonstrators while carrying a Palestine Liberation Organization flag, prompting protesters to douse him with water while shouting “Death to terrorists”.

Police confiscated the PLO flag and separated the two groups.

Earlier on Friday, right-wing activists gathered outside the Tomb to protest the attack last week by at least five Arabs against an Israeli Jew at the holy site.

Police barred the right-wing demonstrators, who were led by Otzma Yehudit faction chairman MK Itamar Ben-Gvir, from entering the tomb complex.

“I came here to make it clear who the State of Israel belongs to,” Ben-Gvir told Israel National News.

“Unfortunately, this past year there have been some who have gotten the mistaken idea that they run the country.”

“We saw what happened here last week: An attack on Jews because they carried the Israeli flag.”

“That is why we have come here with Israeli flags, to tell those same rioters: The State of Israel belongs to us.”