Ed O'Keefe, CBS News senior White House and political correspondent, describes President Joe Biden's visit to Israel as "reaffirming of the US-Israel relationship."

“Obviously, it's mutually beneficial. These are two leaders who want to reiterate that Iran is a grave threat and they want to stop Iran from being able to develop its nuclear technology for the use of weapons and so by signing the agreement they did today certainly they both get something that they've been seeking," he tells Israel National News.

O'Keefe explains that ultimately the success of Biden's Middle East trip, especially for Americans, will depend on what develops from his visit to Saudi Arabia.

“The success of this trip for Joe Biden at least won't be known until he's gone to and come back from Saudi Arabia,” he says.

“There's far more domestic concern about things like oil, the price of gas, and what he might do or say while in Saudi Arabia to get the price to come down.”