Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz Elad Malchah

Defense Minister Benny Gantz referred to the dissolution of the government and efforts to form a right-wing government instead of holding new elections.

Gantz said that he would continue to push for the appointment of the next Chief of Staff of the IDF. On the request of the leaders of the Netanyahu bloc to the Attorney General to block the appointment, Gantz said: "I propose to keep politics away from this discussion and focus on it in a matter-of-fact manner."

He said, "This process is intended to ensure command continuity in the most complex organization that exists in the State of Israel. There are excellent candidates."

Gantz added at a special meeting of the Blue and White faction Tuesday: "I am sorry that we did not manage to keep this government going, it was worth fighting for it to the last drop of our blood. We are in the most serious political crisis the State of Israel has ever known."

Gantz said that a unity government must be formed following the expected Knesset elections in October. "The idea of ​​a broad unity government - which has a right -wing component and has a left-wing component, is the correct idea for the State of Israel. It is also the only possible solution."

Earlier today, the Knesset committee unanimously approved the bill to dissolve the Knesset. The coalition aims to promote the dissolution of the Knesset in a quick procedure, to approve the proposal tomorrow in a preliminary reading, on Thursday in the first reading, and to complete the second and third readings next Monday.