Ori's blood cries out to deaf ears
Ori's blood cries out to deaf ears

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the lack of coverage was purposeful…a blanket wall-to-wall blackout.

But I do know better and I still call it a confederacy of silence, beginning at The New York Times.

They are all in it together. I cannot prove it; rather it’s for them to prove that they are not carriers of journalistic malpractice. I know that scoffers’ smell of theirs from my own years in the newsroom and travelling with them to Israel where they went, and came back, like the Spies, to curse the land.

I saw it firsthand, their scandals of playing hide and seek with the truth. It’s in this and this book. They won’t tell it; I did.

Yes, the topic is Ori Ansbacher, a beautiful 19-year-old daughter of Israel who was found in the Ein Yael forest in south Jerusalem, dead from a particularly horrific act of rape and murder.

Did you read about it in the Times, in the Post, or in any other major (even minor) newspaper? Neither did I? Zero.

Did you watch any of it from CNN, the BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS or any other network? Same here. Nada. Zilch.

Ori’s blood cries out to deaf ears. A nation is in distress, the world shrugs, the media yawns.

This we know, that when Israel defends itself even by moderate degrees, the world shouts no…no…no. Must not disrupt the “peace process.”

For that, they come alive. For this, they snooze.

From the Europeans, this is understandable. The trembling media over there are taking orders to suppress the word “Muslim” for any harm Muslims do. The “migrants” get a free pass.

Islamophobia, they say…while Muslims keep arriving in Europe safely in droves and Jews are packing up and running for their lives…from that very influx.  

That is their “peace process” with an asterisk and a wink to the media.
That’s Europe. What’s our excuse here in the land of a free and supposedly fearless press? Or is it that word might slip out that the Israelis face a brutal enemy as typified in this slaying?

First problem. Ori was Jewish. That won’t get you much sympathy in a hotel run by Democrats, which is the media. Second problem. Ori was Israeli. Jews, especially Israelis, never get a free pass. Guilt (as Kafka has it) is always to be assumed. To put it starkly, in their eyes, Israelis deserve what they get…and any Palestinian Muslim, for whatever he does, is the innocent party.


If they were to name the victim, Ori Ansbacher, they would need likewise to name the killer…and his name is Arafat. Yes, Arafat.

With a name like that, what else did you expect? He is 29 years-old. This means that he has already gone through the entire indoctrination process focused on killing Israelis. The brainwashing began from the day he was born – and when he started school, that’s when they really taught him the trade.

That is their “peace process” with an asterisk and a wink to the media.

In confessing to the murder, Arafat admits that he was only doing what is expected and what comes naturally to him and his people, the Palestinian Arab Muslims.  

If you dare take a glance at his picture, you will cringe. Catch the smirk, the telltale sign that the American news media are also his beloved people.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He is the author of the international book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal.” His sequel to that sensation is, “Slot Attendant: A novel about a Novelist.” His classic Inside Journalism thriller, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” is being prepared for the movies. Contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com