It is game over for Europe
It is game over for Europe

According to the latest issue of the English magazine The Economist, Africa is the future of Europe. The African migratory waves of today are only the prelude. Of the 2.2 billion citizens who will join the world's population by 2050, 1.3 billion will be African, the size of today's Chinese population. The number of “African-Europeans” (Europeans with African roots) could rise to 150-200 million by 2050, a quarter of the total population of Europe.

The number of “African-Europeans” (Europeans with African roots) could rise to 150-200 million by 2050, a quarter of the total population of Europe.
The security of the Strait of Gibraltar, which divides Spain from Morocco, will become increasingly bristling. During the course of the century, the European districts that today have a Eurafrican character - parts of Barcelona, ​​Marseilles, Brussels and London - will become more the norm than the exception. “Eurafrica is part of the demographic and cultural destiny of Europe”.

Charlotte d'Ornellas, a journalist for the French weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles, has just explained it in different words: “When you go to Château-Rouge, there is a cultural Africanization, when we go to certain areas, where all the women are veiled, there is an Islamization of the landscape”.

And if Europe's fall is inevitable as the collapse of the Roman Empire? Two days ago, my eyes fell on the launch of a headline, which cited a study: “Italy in 100 years could see its population collapsing, reaching 16 million inhabitants compared to the current 59 million”. Wow!

But the élies continue to proclaim that the substitution of the European peoples in many parts of the Old Continent is not underway. Do you live in Seine-Saint-Denis and are you looking for a name for your child? The official INSEE's data were published for that French department where 1.5 million people live. Here are the 10 most common names:











To borrow Emmanuel Macron's political movement, the Islamization of France is en marche!

“Islam will dominate in Sweden within 50 years”. It was not a populist politician who said that, but a Somali refugee, Mona Walter.

“For many years I have tried to convince the Swedes to understand the Islamic goal: to take control of their country. The first thing they will do is ask for the sharia courts, as in the United Kingdom”.

Walter also stated that “the Swedes are convinced that the Swedish laws will always be applicable in their country. But ask a Britishman if 30 years ago he would have thought that Britain would have had legal sharia courts in 2018. Nobody would have thought it was possible." 

"If Sweden recognizes Sharia tribunals, Muslims will have new demands, such as permission to govern their own enclaves without interference from the Swedish society. The ultimate goal is that sharia dominates all of Sweden. This is the long-term goal and Islam has a lot of patience. The demography is very clear: in 100 years the game is over”.

If I were the mainstream dudes who have barricaded themselves in their own bubble of consumerism and cultural fake news, I would make an effort and listen to this brave Somali woman, The Economist's scenario and the French names. Tick tock: time is running out for Europe!