Two state solution equals final solution
Two state solution equals final solution

How Trump got elected remains a mystery to me. Everywhere I go there’s nothing but Liberals. I have yet to meet a Conservative or anyone who voted for Trump. At least I never meet them face to face out in the open. Nothing but Liberals and they…no they are not afraid to speak up

Like at the drug store this morning where I went to pick up my prescriptions. This couple, man and wife recognized me. They had complaints.

My picture appears in Arutz Sheva and on my books and it’s not my picture that bothers Liberals so much, it’s what I’m thinking and saying.

I’m saying that Trump is right about the wrong people getting here and the entire world is wrong about a two state solution for Israel.

This couple, turns out, are machers (big doers) in the synagogue, which partners with the church next door, all of the same Liberal mind, and they have discussed my columns and books and are all in for the style of writing but all out for my style of politics.

“Love how you say it but not what you say,” said the man. He was trying to be friendly. Not so his wife.

“We think you’re a danger,” she said. “The only road to peace is a two state solution, which is giving back to the Palestinians the land that was taken from them.”

Oy vey. How can I explain in talking what I can’t get across in writing? Where to begin?

In Montreal we used say – are you pretending or are you really… a fool, that is. It comes out better in Yiddish,

How can I explain standing on one leg that a two state solution is a (G-d forbid) final solution…that in a Land that already has nearly two million Arabs living as free citizens…in a Land that already has a de facto Palestinian state in Gaza and along the 'West Bank'…that to introduce yet again millions more of these Arabs into the heart of Israel means kaput.  

I went into that briefly…briefly because I knew they weren’t listening.

“Why can’t we Jews get along with our cousins, so to speak?” she asked – her husband nodding vigorously.

“What cousins?” I asked.

“The Arabs,” said the husband. “Don’t you know?”

“Enlighten me.”

Husband and wife busily explained that we all come from the same father – Abraham. In fact we are brothers – so to speak. Or to speak genetically.

I was stunned to hear this news (or rather pretended to be).

“From where,” I asked, “do we know about Abraham?”

“The Bible,” she said, and “the Torah,” he said proud of his wisdom and both marveling at my ignorance.

“So you do believe in the Torah,” I said – and yes they did, certainly about Abraham. The whole world believes in Abraham. Then what about Isaac and Jacob?

Of course they knew about Abraham  -- and Isaac and Jacob. How silly of me to ask.

The world that remembers Abraham as the father of two peoples, forgets that through him the entire Land was given entirely to the Jews.
“Well, then, the Torah is your source?”

“Isn’t it yours?”

“Yes it is,” I said, “and therefore, since we agree on the source, we agree that G-d promised the Land of Israel to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. Right?”

Apparently, wrong.

“Wait a minute,” said the husband, now confused and angry. “We’re talking political realities.”

I explained that any sort of reality begins with the source; upon which everyone agrees.

Yet the world that remembers Abraham as the father of two peoples, forgets that through him the entire Land was given entirely to the Jews.

So from out of nowhere the world demands a two state solution and to find Jews buying into such suicidal lunacy is pathetic. We’re supposed to be smart.

“There’s no talking to people like you,” she said, and I agreed, there’s no talking. They left in a huff.

It was Sunday. They were going next door to pick up their Sunday bagels for their Sunday Brunch.

First they will stand for Morning Prayer. They will follow the cantor as he recites verses of praise – how “The Lord has chosen Zion; Israel as his beloved treasure.”

Then they will say Amen, move to another room, there to discuss political realities.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva. His books, including “The Bathsheba Deadline,” are available from Amazon and other retailers. Engelhard wrote the international bestseller “Indecent Proposal” and the award-winning Montreal memoir “Escape from Mount Moriah.” His latest is “News Anchor Sweetheart.” He is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: