On the eve of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's trip to the United States, to present there a plan for unilateral withdrawal - including the towns to be evacuated and the compensation to be offered - currently being drawn up by a team headed by Giora Eiland, let us take inventory.

What Have We?

* Sharon's declaration of support for a Palestinian State.

* Acceptance of United Nations supervision, along with that of other superpowers, in the context of the Road Map; which means the loss of sovereignty.

* Sharon's declaration regarding the uprooting of all of the communities of the Gaza region, and the proposal to the Council of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) to agree to the immediate destruction of Netzarim, Morag and Kfar Darom.

* The proposal to the Yesha Council to voluntarily uproot Ganim and Kadim, Homesh and Sa-Nur in Samaria.

* The refusal of Ariel Sharon to maintain the Trans-Samaria Highway east of Ariel - a sign of his intention to abandon the stretch of land between Eli and Shilo, the entire hillside region, as well.

* A unilateral withdrawal plan, which encourages the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian State by the Fatah and the rest of the terrorist groups after the withdrawal. Automatically, that leads to the cancellation of the conditions included in the Road Map and in the speeches of US President George Bush; specifically, the dismantling of terrorist groups, democratization and financial accountability.

As for the naive innocents who misled themselves and calculated that the conditions will never be fulfilled - and therefore, there is nothing to worry about and Sharon has no real intention to withdraw - have had their illusions proven false. Have they learned their lesson, yet - that for every conditional concession by Israel, the condition falls and the concession remains?

* In the Palestinian state of disarray that will rise after the unilateral withdrawal, the ruler will be the Hizbullah, and behind them, Iran and Syria. The Hizbullah has already taken control of the terror gangs in the Jenin-Tul Karem-Shechem triangle. The "small" terrorist release - more than 400 - for the benefit of Nasrallah, and the large release - thousands! - already committed to by Sharon, will promise Nasrallah the status of chief leader and general of the Palestinian war.

Lebanon is Here!

* Sharon insists on releasing thousands of terrorists with blood on their hands in exchange for a piece of material from the body of Ron Arad, God forbid, in spite of Arad's mother's will and the desire of the Arad siblings not to release living terrorists. Ron Arad is merely an excuse to acquiesce in the Palestinian demand for the release of all the security prisoners, as written in the Geneva Initiative, which Sharon is implementing incrementally.

* The abandonment of northern Samaria has begun. The military base that separated Jenin from Ganim and Kadim has been evacuated.

* The uprooting of 28 outposts is in the offing. Sharon asked the High Court of Justice for an emergency session to allow him to carry out the expulsions and display "achievements" during his upcoming trip to Bush.

* And the 28 are merely a down payment on the uprooting of another hundred or so outposts, most of which are already full-fledged communities.

The agreement between the Yesha Council and the army to voluntarily evacuate the mobile homes of Ginot Aryeh into the community of Ofra was rejected by Sharon, because he has to have "action"; that is, an unarmed civil war.

* With the settlers, there is a complete severing of relations. They are being pushed outside the consensus through economic sanctions: Half of the Magen David Adom budget has been cut. There is again sniping every night on the roads and ambulances will not be available.

* The "Mivtzar" project, which involved settlers providing security for their communities, has been cancelled.

* An income tax break, even for those communities under regular mortar attacks, has been cancelled.

The Weisglass document, sent to the Attorney General, from June 2003, which includes a commitment by Sharon to Condoleeza Rice, is under full implementation: Any construction outside the currently existing line of homes in Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, including in Maaleh Adumim, has been forbidden. There is no budget for development. State lands can no longer be used for Jewish settlement.

* The separation fence is moving towards the Green Line. The security fence is becoming a political fence.

* Restraint in the face of terrorism has returned. There have been no military reactions in the wake of the murders at Erez Crossing or for the slaughter on bus no. 19 in Jerusalem.

* The closures and checkpoints were removed, and have not returned.

* Sharon allows Sheikh Yassin to openly threaten to kidnap Israeli Jews, Rantisi marches at the head of armed and masked demonstrators, the assassins of Rehavam ("Gandhi") Ze'evi are having fun in Jericho, the wanted men in the Mukata come and go as they please - there is a celebration of abandoned responsibility. Sharon is displaying complete fecklessness in security matters, just like after the Dolphinarium bombing. The achievements of Operation Defensive Shield are being progressively reversed.

* In spite of the terrorism, Sharon repeatedly asks for Abu Ala to do him a favor and meet with him. There is no more demand for the elimination of terrorist infrastructures as a precondition for negotiations. Sharon begs for negotiations with no preconditions. In contrast, Abu Ala sets preconditions refuses to meet until far-reaching concessions are promised to him ahead of time.

Sharon's entire security doctrine has been blown away. The Arabs have successfully identified Sharon's weak point and helplessness, his loss of security and political direction, his current focus on only two things: dismantling settlements, instead of dismantling terror infrastructures, and his criminal investigation.

And They Are Celebrating

* Nasrallah threatens: We will again kidnap Israelis - and this time, alive, not dead!

* The released terrorists on their way to Germany vandalized the Israeli airplane, destroying whatever they could. At their head was the German murderer Steven Smyrek, who announced explicitly that he would continue with terrorism. The days when there was a minimal demand of at least a show of commitment to cease terrorist activities have passed.

* At the Tarkumia checkpoint the released terrorists were greeted by children with headbands like in Beirut and by flags of the Hizbullah, an organization that even America has declared a terrorist group. The freed prisoners chanted: "1,000 martyrs to Jerusalem!" That is how one dances on the corpse of a dead lion.

* The suicide bomber who murdered 11 souls on the bus no. 19 in Jerusalem was a police officer in Arafat's police force and a member of Arafat's Fatah organization. He left from Bethlehem, the only city the IDF has withdrawn from - unilaterally.

Thus, the writing was on the wall, a mere few meters from Sharon's residence, but there was no one to read it.

True Context

Along with this panoramic, sickening view, certain past events that we did not necessarily see in their true context fall into place:

* The closure of Arutz-7 Radio.

* The decision not to return to the Tomb of Josef in Shechem.

* The decision to make an alliance with Shinui, without the haredim, breaking the traditional nationalist-religious alliance; a decision that represented the sharp turn to the left.

* The attempt to make a radical change within the Likud, changing it into a "peace party", adopting the entire political program of the Left.

* Subordination of Israel to the oversight of the Quartet - Russia, Europe, America and the United Nations; in practice, turning it into a "protected" territory, without sovereignty, even externally.

It is not that important what caused the change in Sharon. Is this the old Sharon, the destroyer of Yamit, striking again, or is this Aryeh Der'i no. 2, taking the whole country hostage to his criminal file - either way....

At the head of the nation stands a man who is acting like someone throwing fuel into the flames. The ship of state is being tossed about by waves of terrorism and international pressure, in a different direction every other moment, as if there is no captain and the deck has been abandoned.

And the government ministers, who see all of this, are silent like the ministers under Menachem Begin were silent for so many months. They saw him in his decline, they saw him lose control, staring helplessly, ill, without presence of mind - and they hid it from the public, making themselves responsible for the forsaking of the matters of state and the people.

The ministers of this government see the decline of Sharon - every day - as a mortal danger, and they too are silent.

History will not forgive them - especially ministers Lieberman, Eitam, Elon, Orlev and their parties, which are still called "right-wing" parties - for their continued presence in the government. That presence is what enables Sharon to bring all of these disasters upon the country.