(This article was written a number of days before the Twin Tower/ Pentagon disaster)

Today, it is clear to all intelligent and fair-minded men that the State of Israel must fight an all-out war against the Palestinian Authority ? a war whose goal is to completely crush the Palestinian Authority, to hit the terrorists, those behind them and their supportive environment. As they intended to do to Israel, thus must be done to them.

However, at this point, the concern over international public opinion arises, for modern warfare is waged not only in the military theater, but, no less importantly, in the theater of public opinion. Therefore, say those who are concerned about world reaction, the cost and benefit analysis must take into account the international pressures that may be brought to bear on the State of Israel. We must not end up like the Serbs of Yugoslavia.

It is true that the current situation is not simple. It is clear that war requires a combination of broad military and diplomatic offensives. The problem is that Israel is not acting appropriately. If the government would say that it tried a powerful international offensive, but the situation is hopeless and we cannot prevent the intervention of stronger nations against us, then perhaps we would be justified in reconsidering actions that, while they may be justified in and of themselves, they would produce negative results for the State of Israel. However, when it is evident that there has been no serious activity in the field of public relations, we must demand that the government undertake a well-justified campaign against our enemies, both on the field of battle and in the field of public relations.

Moreover, for the sake of world peace, it is our holy duty to warn the nations of the world, the leadership and the people, that if an end is not made of the murderous terrorist groups springing up like weeds in the Middle East, then their own lives will become a living hell. The terrorism that will be developed and flourish here will ultimately be activated against them. Our enemies have no desire to create anything that is of benefit to the world, not even to their own people. They are interested solely in terrorism and corruption.

The proof of this is the lengthy rule of Arafat?s gang of murderers and thieves, who have not done a single thing to benefit their people, but who have considerably lowered their standard of living. Various states gave the Palestinian Authority grants of billions of dollars, all of which was wasted and stolen through terrible corruption. The worst nations of the world, the most infamous dictatorships, have not been able to enrich themselves as quickly as Arafat and his cronies have been able to. It takes normally corrupt regimes, and even organized crime syndicates, much longer to reach such an extensive level of internal rot. In fact, there is no criminal or terrorist group without connections in the Palestinian Authority. All of these ?cultural achievements? were accomplished in only a few years. Whatever they did not steal, they invested mainly in weapons and ammunition for the purposes of murder, maiming, mayhem and destruction. There is only one field in which the Palestinian Authority is progressing all the time ? in the creation of more complex and more terrible terrorist attacks.

If Israel does not utterly eliminate terrorism and its supportive environment, without mercy, international terrorism will mercilessly strike every nation in the world. All of the various terrorists will learn, and justifiably so, that terrorism and violence pays and that as evil and dishonest as they are willing to be, thus will they be treated with more and more consideration - just as the nations of the world treat the Palestinian leadership.

We must inform the nations of the world that, even if they are not interested in the lives and well-being of the Jews returning to their homeland, the increasing danger is swiftly approaching them. If the Palestinian criminal and terrorist gangs are not immediately eliminated, everyone is in danger. There will not remain a single state in the world that will avoid having to invest the best of its people and money in a daily struggle against terrorism.

If we do not stop them today, all public institutions in all the states of the world will be forced to employ protective measures so that people there do not explode, so that their water is not poisoned, so that disease-spreading viruses are not released, so that the terrorists do not get their hands on advanced technologies that can endanger the entire world. States will have to constantly enlarge their police force, yet terrorism will continue to hit rich and poor alike. Every third citizen will have to become a policeman in order to protect the people and their homes. At every intersection there will have to be security guards checking bags and clothes to make sure that no one is carrying a bomb or various poisons.

The democratic states will be unable to continue living lives of freedom and prosperity, as people will, out of necessity, give their support to various dictators who will promise security for their lives and property. By then it will be too late ? they will lose their freedom, but they will not gain security. Then, instead of ?Torah will go forth from Zion, the word of God from Jerusalem,? terror, murder and mourning will go forth from "Palestine." All of this will come to pass because the Western leaders failed to distinguish between the righteous and the evil in the Israeli struggle against the Palestinian Authority.

The State of Israel has voluminous evidence of all of the financial and other illicit crimes of the leaders of all of the Palestinian Authority organizations, as well as the Hizbullah and terrorist states like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan and others. All of the signs of evil and crime point to Arafat and his cronies. The corruptions of Arafat?s gangs are not limited to terrorism, but include adultery, theft, extortion, dishonesty, obsequiousness, bribery and every kind of evil in the world.

Why do representatives of Israel not begin just such a far-reaching public relations campaign? It is a moral imperative of the highest order for the sake of the nations of the world. How can a reasonable man not warn his neighbors about a terrorist group about to destroy their lives? The Torah has already warned us against ?placing a stumbling block before the blind.? In this case, after representatives of the State of Israel have consecrated the profane and opened the gates of those states friendly to us before the terrorists, how much more so is it our pressing and holy imperative to reveal to them the extent of the danger on their, and our, doorstep.

Thus, there is no place for all of those clucking about the international dangers that Israel will face due to its war against those evil PLO gangs, for they have not fulfilled their basic moral obligation, either due to extreme willful blindness or due to a hardness of heart contaminated by evil and corruption from their contacts with the heads of the terror gangs. As the common expression has it: ?Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.?

If we would explain the justness of our position, we would then at least earn enough international approval to prevent the powerful states from acting in any practical way against us. The State of Israel must recuperate and immediately begin an all-out campaign, both military and diplomatic, against the terrorist organizations, until they are destroyed.