violence in Meron
violence in MeronDavid Cohen/Flash90

The police reported Thursday afternoon that hundreds of haredi extremists broke into the Tomb of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron, breaking down the partitions between the men's and women's sections, threw fences to the ground, and endangered the lives of the people inside the compound.

Police rescued the women and children from the tomb and are working to bring the riot under control.

In light of the violent riot, it has been decided to halt the bussing of people to the site to mark the Lag B'Omer holiday. The celebrations have been halted following the deliberate destruction of safety infrastructure at the site, rendering it impossible to fulfill the safety guidelines required to hold the evens.

A memorial event for the 45 people who perished in the disaster on Mount Meron last year was scheduled for tonight. The organizers of the Meron celebrations will examine whether the memorial can still be held after consulting with professionals and officials on the issue.