Zighari's incitement on Facebook
Zighari's incitement on FacebookScreenshot

Popular Palestinian Arab blogger Saleh Zighari has been very busy in recent days, writing posts on his various social media accounts praising the terrorist "martyrs." On Tuesday, after the deadly attack in Bnei Brak, he was jubilant.

Zighari has over a million followers on a variety of social networks. He has no less than 366 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and his Facebook page has over 91 thousand followers. On Twitter, he has 163.2 thousand followers and on Instagram, he has over 553 thousand followers.

On Tuesday, immediately following the terrorist attack in Bnei Brak, Zighari uploaded a mocking story to his Instagram account. Alongside two winking emojis, he wrote in Arabic: "Five fresh fish in a bag."

Just a few days ago he wrote (again in Arabic) on his Facebook account: "I will not recognize the Israeli occupation; I swear to God that I am a martyr."

On Wednesday morning, Shai Glick, head of the human rights organization Betsalmo, filed a complaint with police against Zighari for inciting violence and terrorism. In conversation with Israel National News, he said, "The writing is on the wall in bright red letters but the police are asleep. A person with hundreds of thousands of followers incites to murder and gets thousands of likes and shares, but from the point of view of Israel Police [this incitement is] so much background chatter. The man explicitly said he was a martyr and that he intends to make trouble for Jews, and he encourages hundreds of thousands of his followers to do so too.

“This man mocks the murdered and encourages further murders. While a Jew who does nothing more than post a few words on Twitter is hauled in for interrogation, this man has been regularly inciting [to violence] for a long time already, but for some reason the police 'can't find him' and fail to interrogate him. I call on Israel Police to wake up, because soon it will be too late. The writing is on the wall, in red letters a foot high."