Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackצילום: אבשלום ששוני, פלאש 90

The Israeli military issued demolition orders Sunday night for the home of the Palestinian Arab terrorist responsible for a deadly shooting attack in central Israel late last month.

IDF Central District Commander Major General Yehuda Fuchs signed the final demolition orders Sunday night for the home of Diaa Hamarsheh.

On March 29th, Hamarsheh opened fire on a vehicle and on passersby in Bnei Brak, killing five.

A week ago, the IDF notified Hamarsheh’s family of its intentions to demolish the terrorist’s home, giving them the opportunity to file an objection to the demolition.

Sunday night’s final demolition order was issued after an objection filed by the family was rejected.

Hamarsheh’s home is located in the village of Ya'bad in the Jenin district in northern Samaria.