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The Settlement Division of the World Zionist Organization is initiating a move to place about 1,000 new portable structures (large and permanent caravans) throughout the rural areas of Israel for the benefit of the absorption of new immigrants (olim) from Ukraine.

Chairman of the Settlement Division of the World Zionist Organization Yishai Merling said: "The war that broke out in Ukraine obliges us to act for the immediate absorption of immigrants."

A few weeks ago, before the beginning of hostilities in Kyiv, Merling initiated a detailed plan for establishing temporary homes for Jewish families in Ukraine that are planning on making Aliyah(immigrating to Israel). He recently displayed the immediate emergency plan to the chairman of the World Zionist Organization and the acting chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Yaakov Hagoel.

The Settlement Division, as a professional and skilled player in the world of establishing new villages and settlements in Israel, will establish temporary facilities next to or in the area of permanent villages, where the residential and public buildings intended for temporary absorption of families and individuals arriving from Ukraine will be placed.

The plan includes residential buildings of various sizes ranging from 55 square meters to 90 square meters. Subsequently, the large caravans will be used as complexes for absorption of new immigrants (olim) or refugees in emergency situations such as wars, earthquakes and other emergency situations. During the year, in peaceful times, the buildings will be rented and thus some of the program costs will be recovered.

According to the emergency plan, the buildings will be located in the following areas: on the northern border, Negev, Arava, Springs Valley near Beit Shean and the Jordan Valley. In order to implement the plan, a government decision is required. “When the government decision passes, the members of the Settlement Division are prepared for its immediate execution,” Merling said Sunday.

"The ongoing fighting in Ukraine and the uncertainty require the State of Israel to prepare in accordance with the absorption of immigrants from Ukraine. Israel needs to take responsibility for the Jewish communities living there. This is what Israel did in the past, and this is what the Jewish State should do today."said Yishai Merling.