Kerem Shalom Crossing
Kerem Shalom Crossing Flash 90

The Shabak and the police arrested for questioning a terrorist from the Gaza Strip, Ahmad Abu Elnor, 27, who entered Israel with a permit for medical treatment and later took advantage of it to stay illegally and pass information to his Hamas commanders, it was cleared for publication Thursday afternoon.

The investigation shows that in 2009 he was drafted into the military wing of Hamas, and as part of his activities in the organization he took part in training and military and espionage activities against the State of Israel.

His activities in Hamas and the vast knowledge to which he was exposed in Gaza, led to a unique investigation that revealed much intelligence about the Hamas organization and, among other things, about the locations of tunnels, weapons caches and military locations from which the organization operates.

The Shabak investigation also revealed that he used his stay in Israel to pass on intelligence to his commanders in the Hamas security apparatus (the General Staff), while also making unsuccessful attempts to recruit additional Hamas-led terrorist activities.

All the materials of the investigation have been transferred to the Southern District Attorney's Office, and in the coming days the State Attorney's Office is expected to file an indictment against the suspect in the Be'er Sheva District Court.

The Shabak said in a statement that "this investigation, which is in addition to previous investigations conducted recently, once again exposes the cynical exploitation of Hamas, including the General Staff and its secret security apparatus, using the humanitarian permits given to Gaza residents to promote terrorist activity in Israel."