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Israeli health maintenance organizations (HMOs) say the symptoms that characterize COVID-19 cases in the fifth wave are different from those which were observed in previous waves, Reshet Bet radio reported on Sunday.

In the fifth wave, according to the report, patients are reporting more upper respiratory problems, less lung damage, and there are fewer reports of loss of taste and smell.

An examination by Kan 11 News found that the most common symptoms reported by the HMOs are sore throats, headaches, colds, weakness to the point of exhaustion and muscle aches. Clalit Health Services said that among verified cases of Omicron, the duration of the disease is shorter compared to previous waves. Kupat Holim Meuhedet said there were fewer reports of shortness of breath in the fifth wave.

Dr. Doron Netzer, head of Clalit's medical department, said that Omicron affects the upper respiratory tract more, and as such the current wave of morbidity has reduced the proportion of patients who needed intensive care and ventilators. At the same time, Netzer added that we are witnessing severe morbidity and mortality in older populations with risk factors, and therefore it is important to continue wearing masks, ventilating closed spaces, avoiding crowds, and the most important thing: getting vaccinated.

Netzer pointed to another symptom that has been typical of the fifth wave and said that in recent weeks there have been reports from around the world of patients suffering from increased sweating at night.