PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas
PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas Reuters

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) “ministry of foreign affairs” on Tuesday condemned what it called "ongoing attacks by settlers and terrorist organizations against helpless Palestinian residents."

In a statement, the PA bureau demanded that Israel issue an official condemnation of "settler terrorism" and take steps against its perpetrators and stop it.

The statement quoted statements made on Monday by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who said that the State of Israel would treat attacks by right-wing activists against left-wing activists as acts of terrorism.

"The attacks by the settlers and their terrorist operatives intensified until the Israeli establishment found it difficult to cover up for them and this prompted ministers claiming to be moderate to criticize the phenomenon and warn of its dangers," the PA statement said.

The PA “foreign ministry” also accused the IDF of providing protection to settlers and demanded that Israel and the international community outlaw their organizations.

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