The leader of a Washington state neo-Nazi group has been given a seven year sentence in federal prison for threatening ADL employees and journalists, King5 News reported.

Kaleb Cole, 25, was found guilty of five federal charges, including three counts of mailing threatening letters and conspiracy.

“The work that we are seeing manifested today would not have occurred but for the bravery of the men and women that were impacted by this,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown.

In September, a federal jury in Seattle convicted Cole, the leader of the Atomwaffen Division, a Neo-Nazi group, for threatening Jewish activists and journalists in three states.

Cole was found guilty of five felonies and faced up to 10 years in prison.

He was charged in 2020, along with four other group members, after they were accused of the online and mail harassment of journalists and of the staff of of the Washington state chapter of the Anti-Defamation League. The threats included sending swastika posters to the victims that said, You have been visited by your local Nazis,” “Your Actions have Consequences,” and “We are Watching.”