Archive: Democratic presidential hopefuls at debate in Las Vegas
Archive: Democratic presidential hopefuls at debate in Las VegasReuters
America is in distress because the Democratic Party is on life support.

There was a time when bipartisanship was the rule rather than the exception. Now the polarization in America is so extreme that anything that comes close to bipartisanship is derided and dismissed.

The breath of fresh air comes from Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Despite being protested against, harassed, and shamed by his own party he has stood his ground. If there is one man who is saving the Democratic Party it is Senator Joe Manchin. It really re-invigorates a lot of Americans who have seen the Democratic Party fall prey to the extremists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Senate and AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib in Congress. They are the main reason the Democratic Party is on life support. They have caused oxygen desaturation in the Democratic Party. The carbon dioxide hasn’t only increased in the atmosphere but in the lungs of the Democrats.

Michael Shellenberg in his new book,”San Francisco: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, “the breakdown of civilization on America’s West Coast” highlights the failures and derangements in San Francisco but it is applicable and prevalent throughout Democratically controlled states and cities. Homelessness for example had its biggest jump between 2007-2020 in New York, California, and Massachusetts. Shoplifting, looting and shootings have proliferated. Overdosages have skyrocketed.

The abject failure of “Bail Reform” was no more apparent than the case of Darrell Brooks who after running over a woman with his SUV, then freed from jail on an inappropriately low bail for doing so, killed six people and wounded 60 more when he drove the very same vehicle through a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The media’s coverage of the carnage was sparse and purposefully dampened down. This was so, as to not point out the glaring hypocrisy and disgrace of the progressive’s darling legislation. The media might think it can cover for the mistakes and downward spirals of its friendly Democratic politicians but the American People have noticed and 2022 will make that perfectly clear.

Brett Stephen’s in his November 24th op-Ed entitled, “Can Liberals Survive Progressivism?” puts it best, “…nowhere are dysfunctions more concentrated than in the very places that were supposed to have become beacons of progressive sunshine.” He further pointed out that, “If you increase the incentives for bad behavior and reduce the ones for good, you will inevitably achieve catastrophic results.”

America is reaping the horrendous rewards of its fling with extreme progressivism. It is why America needs the intensive care unit. This was apparent but whitewashed and sanitized in the summer of 2020 under the excuse of the Covid Pandemic when riots, raging mobs, and church burnings were described as “peaceful protests”.

The “Defund the Police” campaign has “blown up” in the faces of all who pushed it. The turnaround is amazing. If there was one thing that hurt the Democratic Party the most, it was it’s “Defund the Police” efforts. It brought the Party way down.

Brett Stephen’s concludes, “The country won’t be safe (from them) until a more serious Democratic Party can set itself free from ideas that embarrass it and endanger us all”

Senator Joe Manchin should lead the way.