Former New York Sate Assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Antisemitism Dov Hikind mockingly asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to promise not to run against Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for his position in a new video.

In the clip – titled "Why is Chuck Schumer so scared of AOC?" – Hiking made light of the fact that the more Schumer gives in to demands from far left progressive Democrats, the more they attack his leadership.

“Dear AOC, Please, pretty please, will you commit to not challenging 'ole Senator Schumer in a primary for his position?” Hikind tweeted. “Chucky can't sleep normally. He barely eats. He's becoming catatonic and is certain he's seeing your shadow follow his every turn.”

In the video, Hikind said: “This is an urgent plea to Congress member Ocasio-Cortez – AOC. I am begging you and pleading with you, AOC, please tell Senator Schumer – he is in misery, he is depressed, he is not sleeping. Ocasio-Cortez, please tell Senator Schumer that you will not run against him.”

Hikind continued: “I mean, he’s doing everything that the progressives, the radicals of the Democratic Party, want. He is going beyond what the radicals want. Anything you want, he is doing.”

He added: “Please tell Senator Schumer you’re not running. I mean, he’s not sleeping. He’s not eating. He’s going to get sick with worry that you are going to challenge him. He’s so afraid. Please, please AOC tell him. Tell him he’s been a good boy and he’s really behaved, and he’s done everything that the progressives want.”

Hikind went on to list the fact that Schumer “hasn’t spoken out against anti-Semitism, he hasn’t spoke out against BDS, he hasn’t defended Israel the way he used to because he is loyal to you and to Cori Bush and to Omar and Tlaib.”

Addressing AOC, Hikind said: “I mean, what else do you want? Please, he’s so miserable. Please just tell him you’re not going to run. Just tell him you’re not going to run, thank you AOC.”

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