Aeroflot plane
Aeroflot plane Flash90

Eight Israelis who boarded a flight to Russia without government approval were removed from the plane by Population and Immigration Authority supervisors, Israel Hayom reported.

In the Tuesday morning incident, the Israelis attempted to use foreign passports to exit the country, but were discovered by Population and Immigration Authority border supervisors stationed at Ben Gurion International Airport.

As a result, the supervisors boarded the Aeroflot plane and removed the passengers, who were then transferred to the care of Israel Police.

Under the current Health Ministry guidelines, Russia is considered to be a "maximum risk" country for contracting coronavirus, and travel there requires special permission from the Exceptions Committee.

Other countries on the blacklist include Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Mexico.

Travel to these countries constitutes a crime punishable by a 5,000 shekel fine.