Rafi Peretz (L) with Yossi Dagan (R)
Rafi Peretz (L) with Yossi Dagan (R) Ro'i Hadi

Over 3,000 people visited Joseph's Tomb on Wednesday night, in honor of the anniversary of Joseph the Righteous' passing.

The visit was coordinated by the Samaria Regional Council and the administration of Joseph's Tomb and the Holy Sites in Samaria, and was conducted with the approval and accompaniment of the IDF.

It was the largest gathering at the site since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, and it was attended by senior IDF officers, as well as by Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (Jewish Home) and Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan.

Rabbi Peretz said: "As a minister in the Israeli government, I say: The government must know that the most amazing, greatest, Zionist answer to murder is to build. If we build a town like Evyatar and it has 40 families and 250 children, then everything there is going to become permanent construction."

"Next week there will be a new government. This is the first decision that it will need to make, and it would be amazing if that was the first step the new government took. I say this with great understanding and appreciation of our security forces and Yossi [Dagan], and I hope that your dreams will all come true."

Turning to Peretz, Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said: "We thank you, in the name of all residents of Samaria, for the period in which you served as minister and MK. You contributed much to everything, in every issue, [you were] always first. We will always remember that gratefully."

"When we entered Joseph's Tomb we were very pained to see hundreds of rocks and stones at the entrance to Joseph's Tomb and signs of soot from firebombs. It's simply barbaric, for the sake of being barbaric, to destroy such a holy place. Joseph is unifying, and we need unity and peace in our nation.

"The Israeli government needs to announce normalization and all of the home parties need to join together on this issue. That is the Zionist answer to murder, and it is the message that strengthens the Jewish people and sends a message to our enemies that they will not break us."