Tragedy at Karlin
Tragedy at KarlinCourtesy of the family

Two people were killed, dozens were injured – some critically – when bleachers collapsed at the new Stoliner Bais Medrash in Givat Ze’ev

It happened moments before Yom Tov, when hundreds of Chassidim had already gathered in the study hall, and were singing and dancing for a Chanukas Habayis, when suddenly, one of the bleachers collapsed, sending hundreds of bochurim falling to the ground.


Magen David Adom and United Hatzolah volunteers rushed to the scene to treat the many injured. United Hatzolah had around 200 volunteers on the scene treating the inquired.

Tragically, two people were killed, Reb Mordechai Binyamin Rubinstein, of blessed memory, 23, a resident of Beitar Illit, who left behind a wife and a baby, and Meir Gloiberman, of blessed memory, 13, who just celebrated his bar mitzvah on the last day of Pesach. He was a student at the Karlin Talmud Torah in Beitar. The funerals of the two victims were held on Monday night, Motzei Yom Tov at 11 p.m., at the Karlin Beis Medrash in Givat Ze’ev.

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A 16-year-old teenager underwent a life-saving neurosurgical procedure and is now sedated and ventilated in the intensive care unit at Hadassah Hospital.

The list of those harmed to pray for are:

Shmuel Meir ben Zelda
Dov Tzvi ben Liba
Yaakov ben Gittel
Yehoshua ben Devorah
Shlomo ben Alta Chana
Meshulam ben Chana
Yom-Tov Simcha ben Chaya Yehudis
Tzvi Akiva ben Riza Gittel
Eliyahu ben Miriam

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About 184 people were evacuated to hospitals, including five in serious condition and ten in moderate condition. Many of those who were lightly injured were released from the hospital on Motzei Yom Tov on Monday night, and 75 people remained hospitalMany of the wounded underwent orthopedic surgery over Shavous, including five children.