With the escalating violence overwhelming police services and thousands of residents in cities such as Lod needing protection against Arab rioters, Regavim has been offering its services to protect Jews and Jewish homes.

Meir Deutsch, Regavim executive director, spoke to Arutz Sheva from the area in Lod where volunteers were being gathered and briefed.

He said that while the situation is very dangerous, “Throughout the history of the people of Israel, in times like these when there was a real need, it was up to the volunteers to take a step forward to protect our brothers and sisters and the State of Israel.”

Last night many families called Regavim after rioters began knocking on their front doors, chanting “Death to the Jews” and attempting to break into their houses. They phone Regavim asking for them to send someone to protect them due to police being overwhelmed with so many similar calls and unable to respond to everyone.

“In those cases we send a car with people that are armed to the houses to protect the families living in those places,” said Deutsch.

Deutsch said that for the past few nights, Regavim has had volunteers in Lod protecting and helping residents.

“We saw the dysfunction of the police. The police were not able to enforce the law and keep the law and order here in Lod. What we saw was total lawlessness in Lod and in different cities around Israel. And we decided to help, and to connect between thousands and tens of thousands of volunteers around the city who want to come and help the citizens of Lod to protect their lives and to protect their property.”

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