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The Israeli Health Ministry is drawing up plans to allow unvaccinated adults and children access to all venues currently open only to Israelis carrying either vaccination certificates or certificates of recovery, according to a report by Channel 12.

According to the report Thursday night, the plan would revolve around the use of rapid COVID testing for those seeking entrance to ‘green tag’ venues which normally require Green Passports – certificates of either recovery or vaccination.

The plan would star with limited access for the unvaccinated to ‘green tag’ venues starting this coming Sunday.

In the first stage of the program, venues would be allowed to grant entry to the unvaccinated, on condition that they have a negative coronavirus test from less than 48 hours before entry. The venues would include performances, restaurants, and event halls.

No more than 5% all people allowed in to a given event during the first stage can be unvaccinated, according to the plan drawn up by the Health Ministry and the chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee, Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism).

In roughly two weeks, the program would be expanded through use of rapid COVID testing, with five companies tapped to provide on-the-spot coronavirus tests. Businesses will be able to choose from the five companies, paying for the rapid tests, which would enable the unvaccinated access to the venue.

Currently, subsidies for the rapid tests are not on the table, but officials from the Health Ministry say that if it becomes apparent that businesses are unable to cope with the added financial burden, subsidies may be considered.