COVID-closed restaurant
COVID-closed restaurantFlash 90

Hundreds of restaurants across the country are threatening to open their own restaurants starting Thursday, allowing booking in advance despite lockdown restrictions, Channel 12 News revealed tonight.

According to the report, the opening layout will be under "purple badge" restrictions and will include keeping a distance of two meters between tables, occupancy of up to 70% in the open air and 50% inside the restaurant, the obligation to wear masks and measure temperatures at the entrance. The waiters will work by dividing into capsules.

The heads of the initiative said that "from the second lockdown they opened all the trade and left us closed, we are not willing to accept that. From Thursday to Sunday we open the restaurants in the country according to the purple badge; at the moment there are hundreds of restaurants in favor and aren't afraid of the police."

The Main Forum of the Catering Industry responded, "We support the Forum of Commerce Chiefs in Israel in preparation for the opening of the shopping centers this coming Thursday. In the coming days, we will examine the proposal and formulate an informed decision specific to the restaurant industry."

Earlier, the Forum of Commerce Chiefs in Israel announced that it will operate all businesses, restaurants, markets and malls starting next Thursday.

The opening of stores and businesses will be according to purple badge rules, and entry of employees and customers will be allowed only to people under 60 who received the first vaccine, people over 60 after the second vaccine, recovered from coronavirus, with a negative corona test result from within 72 hours, and children under 16.