Gideon Levy
Gideon Levy Amir Levi, Flash 90

Leftist journalist Gideon Levy, of Haaretz, spoke on the "Background Discussions" podcast about the upcoming elections.

In the interview, Levy explained his opposition to the Zionist Left's stance, which currently focuses on replacing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, rallying for, "Anyone but Bibi!"

"Everything that started in the State started with them, not with the Likud," Levy said. "[Former President] Shimon Peres founded settlements and committed many more war crimes than Binyamin Netanyahu. [Former Prime Minister] Yitzhak Rabin has much more blood on his hands than Binyamin Netanyahu, starting from 1948."

"I decided that I cannot continue with this hypocrisy. After all, what is the Zionist left? People who really want to feel good about themselves, and they make me a lot angrier than the rightist who doesn't care about feeling good about himself."

According to him, "From this disdain of this camp, I asked myself why on earth they are landing so hard on Netanyahu, and then at a very early stage, I understood that the issue of, 'Anyone but Bibi,' when it first started, was made in order to cover up the emptiness of this camp, which has nothing and no one to offer."

In light of this situation, the Zionist left "has become stuck with the issue of hating the 'other' - in this case, Netanyahu, the external enemy who always unites the ranks. And it became a symbol. Why 'Anyone but Bibi?' And who instead of Bibi?"