Vaad Harabanim
Vaad Harabanim צילום: Vaad Harabanim

As 2020 transitions into what is already a colorful 2021, some people are overwhelmed by the never-ending stream of Corona: Of the merciless onslaught of lockdowns and quarantine. Of not being able to see overseas friends, beloved grandparents, etc.

People are confused. And honestly, who can blame them?

It seems like we’ve lost touch with our humanity in all of this.

But several days ago, the large community of Mir Yeshiva was jolted back to reality when they lost a vital and beloved young member of their community. Sarah Kot was only 40 years old, and she was the mother of four children. When she became sick with Corona it didn’t concern her because she was young and healthy. But on Wednesday, her husband rushed her to the hospital when she started to experience difficulty breathing. Just as she entered the hospital doors, she died.

Watch the heart-wrenching funeral here

Sarah Kot leaves behind a grieving husband and four children. As his wife was the sole provider, Rabbi Kot has made an appeal for help so that he can be there for his children throughout this difficult time until he finds a new solution. Donations are being urgently collected here.