Attorney Nati Rom described legal efforts following the death of teenager Ahuvya Sandak.

"A few days ago, an undercover police car rammed into a civilian car in Samaria.

"Inside the car were five teenagers - four were injured, they were arrested and taken to the hospital

"The police didn’t look in the area and find another boy, a 16 and a half year old teenager, Ahuvya, who was killed at the scene.

"Only an hour later did they find him there. Unfortunately he was already dead.

"The police took the teenagers to custody, though we asked them not to do so, didn’t allow their families to see them, didn’t allow the psychological team to go and speak to them, and they have been here now in court for three days," he said.

"The police wanted to arrest them for ten days. We fought in court, and now we hope that tomorrow they will be released."

"Police deny that the police car was involved in the accident, although we have evidence that it was involved. We also have pictures. They were hard to find because police didn’t allow journalists, lawyers to come to the scene, and we just demanded yesterday night that the justice department interrogate the police and take all the video material and cars to investigation," he added.

"We hope justice will come."