Minister Galant visits Binyamin Regional Council
Minister Galant visits Binyamin Regional Council Oded Karni/GPO

Education Minister Yoav Galant on Monday participated in the inauguration of a new education department in the Binyamin Region Council and commented on the murder of Esther Horgan in a terrorist attack in northern Samaria.

"Esther's murder took place in a pastoral and beautiful place that I know well. As brigade commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, I was privileged to lay the first four caravans in Tal Menashe. Many years have passed since then, and the community and the entire area have developed into a thriving residential area. Yesterday the quiet was disturbed by a cruel and brutal murder. We must understand and remember who we are dealing with and act according to the verse, 'Doing work with one hand while the other holds a weapon.’ We will continue to live and establish settlement and education in all parts of Israel, with the right hand holding the sword, otherwise that same sword will be placed on our necks," Galant said.

He continued, "The murderers should be caught and brought to either a court or a cemetery, depending on what happens on the ground. It is impossible to come to terms with such an act anywhere in the State of Israel, and certainly not in such a terrible incident where a woman, a mother of children, went for a jog on a beautiful day that has turned into a day of mourning."