Joe Biden and his family
Joe Biden and his family Reuters

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, it was said that any candidate who won, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, would have Jewish grandchildren. Both Trump and Clinton have a child who married a Jew.

It now turns out that Joe Biden's children are also married to Jewish spouses. Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic presidential candidate, in May of last year married Melissa Cohen, a South African-born Jew.

Cohen is the daughter of Zoe and Lee Cohen, devout Jews who maintained a Jewish way of life. The couple first met in May 2019 and got married after just two weeks. "I instantly fell in love with her. And then I've fallen in love with her more every day," Biden told ABC News last October.

According to the Washington Post, Melissa Cohen is the co-owner of Tribal Worlds, a company that works to “promote indigenous conservation” and is also a documentary filmmaker.

Melissa is considered a critic of President Trump and even used harsh expressions against him after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. She tweeted at the time, "To those of you who voted for this POS you should be ashamed. That's all."

According to the New Yorker, Melissa Cohen has a tattoo with the word "Shalom" in Hebrew on her bicep.

Biden's daughter, Ashley, is married to a Jewish doctor named Howard Krein. The couple married in 2012, two years after they met with the help of her brother, Beau Biden. They were married in an interfaith ceremony, which was officiated by a priest and a rabbi together.