Surprise in wall (archive)
Surprise in wall (archive) iStock

Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug dealer from Colombia, was killed 30 years ago, but part of his past remains mysterious to this day. This week, his nephew Nicholas Escobar found an $18 million treasure hidden inside one of the walls of the house, and that may just be the beginning.

Nicholas Escobar, the nephew of the famous drug dealer, announced that he found a sum of $18 million inside one of the walls of the house. He said he conveniently received a "vision" from his uncle that showed him where to look for the money inside one of the walls.

Nicholas explained that every time he sat down to eat in the apartment he saw a "vision" in which a man entered from the parking lot to the hiding place of the money and disappeared. The bills were hidden inside the house wall more than 30 years ago, and according to Nicholas they had a horrible smell, "a hundred times worse than the smell of death."

Nicholas said some of the bills had already rotted and could not be used, but some remained intact despite the decades hidden in the wall. Along with the millions of dollars, Nicholas also found satellite phones, a gold pen, an old typewriter, and film.

This is not the first time Nicholas has found a treasure. Nicholas told police he had previously found a pile of money inside the house that had apparently previously been used by the famous uncle as a hiding place.

Pablo Escobar was previously defined as one of the ten richest people in the world. For years he fought the Colombian authorities who wanted to stop his drug activities and extradite him to the United States, and was eventually shot and killed in a police chase.

In recent years there have been those who have claimed that much of Escobar's money is still hidden in various hiding places in the world, and perhaps the treasures discovered in his nephew's house are just the beginning. Unfortunately, Pablo's old house in Colombia was destroyed about a year ago by the authorities, in case you thought of looking for treasures there as well.

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