Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Flash90

The attorneys for Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, have demanded that the verdict against her be overturned immediately and that she be cleared of all charges.

"Yesterday, journalist Amit Segal dropped a bomb when he revealed that the senior investigator in the cases against Sara Netanyahu acted with a serious conflict of interest and was prevented from dealing with the case. The senior investigator lied to the Department of Police Investigations when asked if he would not engage in Ms. Netanyahu's investigation," the attorneys said.

"It now turns out that the investigator lied, and while leading the investigation against Ms. Netanyahu, he was in an intimate relationship with Judy Mozes, Noni Mozes' sister and a sworn enemy of the Netanyahu family. It also turned out that the prosecution knew the investigator had a conflict of interest and hid it," they added.

"The same investigator even tried to intimidate a witness, Svetlana Gorodetsky an employee of the prime minister's residence, and threatened her that if she did not give false testimony against the prime minister, he would send her to prison," they noted.

"Following the shocking evidence that revealed that the police and the State Attorney's Office stitched the investigation files against Sara Netanyahu and contaminated them from the beginning, Ms. Netanyahu's attorneys have decided to contact the State Comptroller to obtain all relevant information and documents to overturn her conviction. The information which was revealed proves that the case against Sara Netanyahu was tailor-made, polluted and corrupt from the beginning," the lawyers added.

They subsequently demanded, "Once the unequivocal facts became clear about the deep conflict of interest in which the lead investigator was in the case against her, the verdict against Ms. Netanyahu should be overturned and she should be acquitted immediately. The conduct of the police and the State Attorney's Office attests to the conduct of the improper proceedings against Ms. Netanyahu in a manner bordering on criminal offenses."