Eli Cohen
Eli CohenAviv Hertz/ TPS

The Water Law was scheduled to go into effect in November, closing the small water companies and reducing the cost of water in the State of Israel - but it has not been implemented.

"People are choking under the financial difficulties, hundreds of thousands of people are on unemployed or on unpaid leave," Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen (Likud) told 103 FM Radio. "It's important that the basics, that you can't live without - like water and electricity - be fairly priced."

According to Cohen, if the Water Minister does not want to enforce the law, "If the minister wants to change the law, he can try to do that. He'll just need to do one thing: To go through the Knesset, to look the public in the eyes, and to explain to them why, during this difficult period, he prefers to help the taagidim instead of the citizens. I find it hard to believe that a smart and intelligent politician like [Ze'ev] Elkin (Likud) will do such a thing."

Labor and Welfare Minister Itzik Shmuli (Labor) said, "We need to demand that this law be implemented. It's a law that's good for citizens."

"It's inconceivable" not to enforce the law," he added, "because the law is not just something you do as you wish."

"It's obvious that it cant continue this way."

When asked about coronavirus czar Professor Ronni Gamzu, Shmuli said, "If they gave Gamzu the responsibility, then he should also have the authority [that comes with it]. He needs to make professional decisions."