baby in car (illustration)
baby in car (illustration)iStock

Shimon Bardi, a Magen David Adom (MDA) volunteer from Bnei Brak, was exercising when he saw a crowd of people gathered around a car. He quickly realized that the cause of the commotion was that an infant had been locked in the car during the hot summer day.

Bardi broke the windshield and safely removed the baby from the car. The child was just one month old.

"This really saved his life," Bardi told Channel 12 News. "He would have passed out soon."

.The incident took place yesterday (Sunday) around 6pm and the baby was in the car for about half an hour.

"I received a call in the MDA app about a child locked in a car. I take a look, see that it's 100 meters away from me, see full of people around the vehicle and start running to the area. People signaled to me that there was a baby there who had been in the car for a long time. Both sides of the vehicle were covered in diapers, the windshield was covered in a sun visor and it was very difficult to spot the child," Bardi said.

"A 16-year-old boy who just passed by to throw a carton in the trash, took a look and saw the boy in the car. When I arrived I saw the boy was red and he was sweating and he was not moving. Every moment is critical so there was no time to wait for the force to come, I just smashed the windshield and took the kid out of there. After three or four seconds I tickled him and he started responding, wow."

He added, "He looked a little confused and did not understand how it happened. Vigilance is the most important thing, vigilance saves lives. The vehicle had a sun visor it was luck someone noticed the baby. The most important thing is not to forget your children. Just as you remember to take a bag with important equipment, don't forget the child in the car."