Yoaz Hendel
Yoaz HendelFlash 90

Minister Yoaz Hendel this morning in a Galei Tzahal interview discussed the violent incident in the Leftist demonstration in Tel Aviv yesterday, noting forming a unity government did not trickle down to the street.

"What's happening on the streets is depriving me of sleep. The unity government managed to form politically, but we failed in Israeli society," the Communications Minister said.

Hendel also referred later in the interview to the dispute between Gantz and Netanyahu over the budget issue, and to assessments in the political system according to which Netanyahu is leading to a new election.

The Communications Minister expressed support for Gantz's position and said: "Except for the political need, I don't understand the insistence on an annual budget.

"The election discourse demeans the citizens of Israel; it's a complete lack of understanding of the crisis we're in," added Minister Hendel.