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A Messianic congregation in Israel scored a legal victory against anti-assimilation organization Yad L'Achim, the congregation's pastor announced.

Pastor Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel in Ashdod wrote that a court issued an order preventing activists from Yad L'Achim from coming within 100 meters of the congregation or the homes of its members.

Pochtar claimed that the congregation had endured "nine years of systemic oppression" from Yad L'Achim, which held weekly demonstrations outside the congregation to protest what it views as missionary activity.

"They have called time and time again for actions against us, declaring their goal is to stop our work completely and drive us out of the city,” Pochtar said.

Pochtar posted a video in which he walked through a group of Orthodox demonstrators who were singing by the entrance to the congregation. He claimed that the protesters intimidated and frightened congregants who came to worship.

The Beit Hallel website states that the congregation seeks "to bring the Gospel of our Messiah, Jesus, to the people of Israel."

"Since the beginning, our passion has always been to reveal Jesus’ love to Israelis in a practical and tangible way," the website adds

Offering inducements in an effort to proselytize is illegal is Israel, as is the proselytization of minors.