In his recent lecture which can be viewed above, Middle East Researcher and Commentator Mark Langfan walks his audience through the map of Israel detailing the ramifications of the Trump Plan and a two-state solution.

The video (in English with Hebrew subtitles) is the most hands-on, vivid explanation of the dangers Israel would face by ceding the territories designated for the Palestinians in the Deal of the Century.

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Accompanying graphics

Full declassified Joint Chief of Staffs Report

Mr. Langfan reveals in his lecture a declassified US Joint Chief of Staffs Memo that analyzes the topography of Judea and Samaria, and determines that regions designated for the Palestinians in the framework of the Trump plan are crucial for Israel and that relinquishing them would compromise Israel’s security

The lecture was delivered over Zoom by Mr. Langfan at the Palm Beach Synagogue.