Rabbi Hagai Lundin
Rabbi Hagai LundinRabbi L.

Now that the return to the routine in Israel is almost official, I receive many posts which claim: "how good it was during the quarantine/isolation period”, and how much they miss the 'quiet', 'quality time with the kids' it brought and how it was 'the first time I noticed the lovely view from my window'.

Obviously, I can't argue with other people's feelings; but for me, at least, the Corona period was an ongoing nightmare.

True, it was quiet, and all of the sudden there was more time to spend with the children, but it all happened in an unnatural setting. Normal people are supposed to work and create during the day and in the evening they are to return home and spend quality time with their family, enjoy the flowers in the garden etc...

But they are not expected to do it all day long, especially not at 10:00 AM in the morning over a long term period of weeks and months.

There may have been families whose children woke up with a smile; started the day by making their bed; hugged each other lovingly; sat down uncomplainingly in front of the zoom to participate in distance learning lessons and then continued with the daily chores and spent the rest of the time playing piano or studying Torah, Mishna and Talmud...

But on the other hand, I know of families who did not experience such an ideal time, to say the least.

I express my thoughts with good intentions, in order to clarify that idealization of the recent events is not necessary in order for us to feel good about ourselves.

The faith-based approach is to look reality straight in the eye and acknowledge:

It was difficult; there were tensions; there was anger. I, personally, discovered unpleasant things about myself during these stressful days, and with all that, I still know that G-d was with me in this difficult time.

I know that G-d was with me these days just by the mere fact of my survival against all odds; I managed to survive even if not always at my best.

G-d is with me now as I manage to recover gradually, and G-d will be with me in the future, too, as I manage to come out of this crisis feeling stronger.

Not naiveté.

Strong faith.

Realism mixed with optimism.

Evil will pass.

Good will prevail.

With the help of G-D.

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