Will We All Be Poor After Corona?
Will We All Be Poor After Corona?iStock

Devastation for American small businesses. Federal relief funds ran out almost instantaneously. More may be on the way, but what can be done to save small business?

We put the call: "How are you dealing with the challenges of being a small business owner during the coronavirus crisis?"

Erin from North Jersey tells that her fiancé owns a painting company, and she shared his experience applying for the Paycheck Protection Program. Erin's fiance, who owns a painting company, applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, but never heard back.

Mary from New Orleans, Louisiana says she’s disappointed that money from the Paycheck Protection Program went to corporate restaurant chains.

An anonymous employee from a large bank said he’s working on Paycheck Protection Program applications as we speak and that the process has been very “convoluted."

Ellen owns a custom picture-framing shop with two other employees in Massachusetts. She said she applied “almost immediately” for emergency funds and received a confirmation number, but has no way to check the status online. The only notice she’s received was an email informing her the original fund will now supply just $1,000 per employee, instead of the original $10,000 overall.

Linda and her husband own a small, fair trade artisan shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She said she tried to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program, but eventually gave up because it was so complicated. She also pointed out the importance of small businesses in local communities.