Hadassah Medical Center
Hadassah Medical Center Hadassah Spokesperson

As part of Hadassah’s preparation for Israeli Health Ministry forecasts, the hospital has begun training and organizing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff, including anesthesiologists and respiratory physicians, as well as refresher courses for doctors and nurses.

In order to ensure the team is coronavirus-free, Hadassah began screening ICU staff today.

Testing will be conducted twice over the next five days. All those testing negative will wear a large green “corona-free” badge on their lapel.

The next to be tested will be the trauma department staff and gradually all hospital staff.

By the end of testing all working staff will be corona-free and outside work hours will be duty-bound to follow an agreed protocol.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus patients remain in an isolated part of the older Round Building.

“Hadassah’s pilot should be replicated in all hospitals in the country,” says Hadassah Medical Organization Director-General Zev Rotstein. “This program should also be implemented among vital workers and in industry, as part of the exit strategy from the Corona crisis and toward the recovery of the economy.”

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