Video footage from the arrest of a man suspected in the machete attack on a Hasidic synagogue in Monsey, New York was released Sunday, offering the first look at the suspect.

CBS2 New York released the footage without identifying the suspect or giving his age.

Police say the suspect fled the scene of the machete attack Saturday night in a car, driving to New York City and evading police for two hours, before authorities apprehended him in Harlem at around midnight. Police managed to locate the suspect through his license plate number.

Five people were wounded in the attack Saturday night, which took place in the home of a Hasidic rabbi in Monsey, New York, an area with a significant Orthodox Jewish population.

The house was also reportedly used as a synagogue, and the attack took place as members of the congregation were lightning Hanukkah candles for the seventh day of the eight-day festival.

Four of the five victims have thus far been identified, including Rabbi Yosef Neiman, as well as Chaim Rottenburg, Shlomo Rottenburg, and Meir Rottenburg.

Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel said the assailant covered his face with a scarf, and knocked on the synagogue’s door just as the rabbi was lightning the candles. The assailant then forced his way in, rushing past a man who had answered the knock at the door, and drew a machete and began stabbing people. Some fifty to sixty people were inside the synagogue at the time of the attack.

Of the five victims, two are said to be in critical condition.

Some congregants threw chairs and a small table at the attacker, forcing him to flee.